Saturday, June 25, 2011


aka re:Elizabeth

As you all know, Kimchi and I have been working our way through another "adventure," this time an eye infection and ensuing Elizabethan collar. On the plus side, Kimchi has done really well with the 6x daily sets of eye drops, actually jumping up and down getting excited for them (or the treat she knows she gets after). On the not-so-plus side, her eyes are not yet 100% according to the vet who labeled her situation as "medium-good," meaning I have ANOTHER week of playing work slash puppy ping pong. Grumble grumble...

In an effort to help the furball's eyes start feeling better faster, I decided a haircut might be in order...


Due to the language barrier and misunderstandings between the phrases "just take a little off" and "just leave a little on," Kimchi and I don't exactly have the best track record with haircuts. In fact, as anyone who saw Kimchi around the end of February, beginning of March can attest, she looked remarkably like a large rat. Poor thing! I generally tried to avoid taking pictures of her during this period to maintain her dignity, but this fine example somehow made it through...

See? Skinny and creepy. (And proof that we all have our "off" days.)

Determined not to make the same mistake of assuming I could charades my way through a puppy haircutting consultation, I came prepared this time with pictures of good hair (still furry), bad hair (shaved and rat-like) and a Korean note written ever-so-kindly by one of my coworkers stating  "Please don't shave all my hair. I will look scary and feel sad."

After a ten minute consultation I can only assume we both understood, I left Kim with the nice lady at E-mart...

Before: A little frumpy. Kind of like a teddy bear that likes biting your jeans as you are trying to put them on.

After: As my favorite coffee shop lady put it, she's no longer a "mung-mung," she's a 여자.

So much more summer-y! No more panting running around the house! What a happy puppy!

And I'm a happy mama too, I have a puppy with a bow. And no more Elizabethan collar. 아싸!

 - Christine -

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