Saturday, June 11, 2011


Leave it to me and Kimchi, as soon as we've gotten through one adventure, we waste no time getting ourselves into the next one.

Turns out the little wild one has an eye infection. Whomp whomp...

While we're not entirely sure what caused it, (air pollution, hair, dirt, little items she picks up from the ground, general fidgety craziness of a nine-month old puppy, need I go on?), the treatment is straightforward enough. Twice daily oral syringe medicines, and six-times daily eye drop sets. Yes, six. And sets, as in 3 separate drops each time. For two weeks. Poor puppy (and poor puppy mama)! So much for either of us getting any sleep this month.

Even better, she gets the pleasure of wearing this device the vet called in very broken Konglish an "Elizabethan collar," one of the last phrases I ever expected to ever hear uttered by a middle-aged Korean guy. After all, why would a Korean vet ever need to know a thing about a British monarch who ruled at a time when Koreans were preoccupied with more tangible matters, like, being invaded by the Japanese. It actually made me giggle for a minute...

... but only for a minute. Poor thing :(

Wish us luck!

- Christine -

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