My name's Christine, and I'm an American expat living and working in South Korea. In 2010, I graduated from Miami University (yay!) and promptly realized there were no jobs in the states to be had (boo!). Something about the economy being terrible, maybe you've heard about it?

Needing some kind of income in my life, I packed up and moved to South Korea in July 2010 to start teaching kiddies English. Best decision ever.

I'm very fortunate to be able to spend time in the ROK, a part of the world many people will (sadly) never have a chance to experience. My goal for this site is to share with the rest of the world how awesome Korea really is. And let's be honest, it is pretty awesome.

Christine likes:
Sunshine, chocolate cupcakes, The Beatles, nutella, hippies, flying through clouds, artsy graffiti, photography, Korean food, olive green (not to be confused with green olives), natural foods, discovering new coffee shops, Buddhism, The Tao of Pooh, smiling, craft projects, learning new things, traveling, and Kimchi.

Christine dislikes: 
Bad music, slow walkers, whining children, smoking, kitschy things, wearing flip flops in the rain, clutter, being cold, face-planting off of bicycles, words that are difficult to spell, MTV, soju, and Kim Jong Il.

Kimchi likes: 
Christine (aka Mama), long walks around Bucheon, eating unidentified ground objects, all people foods, attention, tummy rubs, climbing things, being held, chewing on the book you are trying to read right now.

Kimchi dislikes: 
Being left at home, taking baths, color munchies, winter, walking over manhole covers, when humans don't share their food.