Tuesday, April 5, 2011


This past Saturday, like most other Saturdays, Kimchi and I spent a couple hours playing with other puppies in Jung Dong Park. Every Saturday around 2pm, this otherwise empty park turns into a veritable puppy cafe (minus the cafe part), with dogs, their owners, and whoever else happens to be in the park running crazy all over the place. It's great, and much easier than dragging Lil' Kim all the way into Seoul to socialize with other dogs.

Now dogs in Korea are, dare I say, quirky, for a couple of reasons. For one, most dogs in Korea are tiny. As I've explained before, most people in Korea live in apartments and don't have such things as space or yards for big dogs to run around in. Makes perfect sense. Solid reasons for sticking to Yorkies, Poodles, and Schnauzers.

Sometimes, however, Lil' Kim and I encounter a big dog and it's kind of awesome. After doing a double take to make sure I'm not imagining said big dog (I swear, they're really rare!!!), I'm one of the few people who will go up and play with them. Brave little Kimchi too. In contrast, a lot of people who have been living in the ROK for a while are used to just the 5 pound puppies and don't know how to react to the bigger guys and just back away...

Just look at this big guy. He was super sweet and friendly! Except that he drooled on me, which is not particularly friendly at all. (Taemu, the little guy under my feet liked him too)

So most dogs in Korea are small, check. Now for my second reason why dogs in Korea are quirky. Their owners think they are people. Not so much in how they treat them (although that certainly happens too), but more so in the clothes and makeup they wear. You read me right, makeup.

Look at the little white guy in the middle. Yes, the one wearing matching shoes AND blush. Only in Korea...

So wrong!

- Christine -

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