Monday, March 14, 2011

Puppy Cafe

In case you're feeling all gloomy about the situation in Japan, let me take just a few minutes to cheer you up.

Last weekend, Kimchi and I (and Mary and Zooms) went to the Puppy Cafe in Hongdae. This was our second time visiting, our first being a rather traumatic experience of meeting new people, new puppies, and dogs the size of small bears. For most of that first visit, my then-furry puppy hid behind me, afraid to venture out and meet anyone new (human or dog). This time, however, she did much better. And here are the pictures to prove it...

Dogs pretty much own the place. This guy was just sprawled out napping on the windowsill as happy as could be.

Oh yeah, this guy too.

Mary with her new puppy friend...

And I made friends with the "giraffe dog"... apparently a greyhound?

We named him Bubba. He really was just as crazy as this picture makes him look...

Kimchi made new friends too, mostly with this adorable little girl (Yes the hairless little thing in the middle is Kimchi...)

The cute couple at the next table made friends with lil Kim too :)

But I finally got her back

Zooms and her chocolate poodle, take 1

And take 2

And by the end, somehow Mary ended up with not one, but TWO puppies! Lucky...

In summary, puppy cafes are awesome. Now go hug a dog and feel better about your life.

-Christine -

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