Monday, April 25, 2011

SSB (Part 2)

Happy Easter from the ROK!

As you know, today was Day 2 of my Surprise Spring Break adventure. I accomplished many things and went many places on Day 1, but ohmygosh was I exhausted! For Day 2, I decided to keep it simple and just take Kimchi for a walk in Seonyudo Park, in the Southwestern part of Seoul.

Seonyudo Park spans an entire island in the Han river. What's cool is that this island used to be a water treatment facility, and in a perfect example of urban renewal, the existing facilities have been transformed into a beautifully serene park in the middle of busy Seoul. The open water basins have been turned into water gardens. The walls and water towers are now carpeted with ivy. The main treatment building has been converted into an art gallery. And even a set of poles once used underwater are now beautifully teeming with foliage. Seonyudo Park is definitely a little bit inconvenient for those of us relying completely on public transportation, but it was just gorgeous! I would go back in a heartbeat!

The Furball, looking much furrier now :)

Before trying to jump into the water gardens...

A little bit chilly, but so lovely!

After Seonyudo Park, we headed over to the Yeoido area and had dinner with Zooms per our usual Sunday tradition. We went to a restaurant called "Chicken and Beer" and had, you guessed it, chicken and beer. Delicious. Perfect Easter dinner.

And of course, because it was Easter I HAD to decorate eggs. I didn't have dye at my disposal, however, so I had to get creative... Thank you Crayola!

- Christine -

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