Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"Koala Taste"

Every semester we have to administer and grade term tests to all our students which determine what level the kiddies will be in next semester. Although these tests are obnoxious and I end up with 120+ papers to grade in about a week, it always comes with a boatload of funny student quotes. My students have such fantastic ideas, they really do, it's just that they sometimes don't have the English yet for what it is they're trying to say. Here are just a few of my personal favorites from this semester…

“Sorry teacher… I don’t know koala taste…”

“Ramyeon sauce taste is very spicy and salty. I eat and eat it every day – finally I will have a bad cancer.”

“I am describe a chicken. It is kind of female and kind of male. Also it has two eyes and four legs.”

“Bad people eat dog.”

“I don’t like Japan and Japanish.”

“If cake (chocolate cake) falls down, it sound like “fuk!” or “puk!””
(Remarkably similar to the noise I make when I see a cake fall down...)

“The taste I can’t explain because people is poisoning that food.”

“Constructing the chicken bone it’s a real chicken. And look pitiable so much because the chicken is dead and the people are eating.”

“Male chicken has a head feather. It’s color is red. Only male chicken has. Why? Because male chicken must tempt female chicken. If male chicken is not beautiful, it is always solo. In chicken world, female chicken is not more beautiful than the male chicken.”

“Incubator is same as mommy chicken.”

“I will go to the future. Because I don’t know who marry me and what is my future job. And my height and kg is what?”

“But many people don’t know a baseball. So we are have public relations.”

“Have many score team is win final season fourth grade team fight a third great team the winner fight in a second team the winner is fight a first grade time match is over winner get a money and a trophy.”

Good thing they're cute :)

- Christine -

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