Friday, November 5, 2010


You know what game I’m going to be absolutely phenomenal at by the time I’m back in the states? Charades.

We’re doing term testing this week, which basically determines what level the students are going to be placed in next semester. In my class period, we do the writing and speaking portions of the test. A lot of the kids get really nervous about term testing and try really hard to impress me with their lofty ideas. But since sometimes they just don’t know the vocabulary yet for what it is they’re trying to say, we find ourselves playing charades quite often on such testing days.

Here are a couple of my personal favorites from the day. These are taken from my lowest level elementary class, so imagine them with lots of silly gestures and arguably more noises than actual words…

Judy: Teacher, what’s the word. It’s a rectangle, and whooooooooosh and it looks like this but when there’s no wind it falls down and Olympics and it’s a rectangle and whooooosh


A Flag. Obviously...

Next one:

Me: Crystal, if you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Crystal: Australia, because they have the same time.
Me: Same time?
Crystal: Yeah... (*Starts making a vertical line gesture) They uh… (*Gestures more frantically) … uh… same time!

Aha. A time zone of course.

And my personal favorite:

Lily: You know the cardboard thing on eggs (Me: A carton??) when they cut it up and there’s a clock and you push buttons on the clock boop boop boop boop and put the egg in and it’s a cardboard thing and boop boop boop and you wait until the clock rings brrrrrringringring and there’s a chicken!

Give up?

An incubator. (Now there's a word I guarantee you haven't thought about in years!)

Consider yourself warned. I will kick your ass at charades.
- Christine -

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