Friday, August 27, 2010


August 27th. It's official, I have survived in Korea for exactly one month! Yaaayyyyyyy!

Let's celebrate with some new pictures, shall we?

Fun robot statue in Itaewon (essentially the American equivalent of Chinatown in Seoul)

"Fantasia Bucheon"... A lot of the cities in Korea have these amusing English slogans, like "Dynamic Busan" and "Nice Jeochan", but sadly mine isn't so much grammatically correct...

I love love love the juxtaposition of nature and urban settings... Central Park, Millenium Park, and this one just a few blocks from where I live. I think it's just wonderful!

Adorable stone bridge in said park...

Stage in the middle of the park... I've heard rumors they play free movies there every Saturday night, but I have yet to spend an entire weekend in Bucheon to test this out

More juxtaposing... pretend it's artsy ;)

Street about a block from where I live... Just try and tell me you don't want to come visit!

In conclusion, I love Korea so far! Here's to another successful 11 months! Cheers!
- Christine -

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