Monday, August 9, 2010

Bucheon Pics

As promised, here are some pictures of Bucheon!

These are from just a tiny radius around where I live, but since there's so many cool places around here I have yet to document, rest assured there will be more pictures soon... especially since one of my coworkers told me last night that there's a mountain you can climb about a mile from here (What?!?! Sign me up!)

The local bar street... It's bright and crazy and fantastic :)

More crazy neon lights on my street.

View of the city from the love hotel I stayed in for the first couple days. E-Mart, that little yellow sign on the left is basically my new Korean walmart :)

Fun statue... there's crazy art all over the place and I just love it!

A building a block down from me which is covered, absolutely covered in signs and advertisements and I don't even know what else!

You're welcome. Sorry for the wait!

- Christine -

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