Monday, August 2, 2010


I survived my first day of teaching!!!! Horray!!!!!

I had three classes today, two elementary and one middle school group who were frustratingly non-responsive. Of course the kids are going to be shy and intimidated by a "New Teacher" situation at first, but I was able to get the kids talking in both of my elementary classes pretty quickly and painlessly, just not so much the middle schoolers. I thought trying to talk residents into going to MegaFair at MIami was hard, but wow. Korean middle schoolers honestly might be the death of me...

Regardless, it was actually a really good first day of teaching :)

After work, I came home to the most amazing first teaching day present ever, a much needed freshly cleaned apartment! Hallelujah! I truly can't even begin to describe how badly this place needed a good professional cleaning... but now that it's done, you get to see pictures...


Bathroom. The room I am single-handedly the most grateful for the cleaning people's help...

Living room

View from my window. Really fantastic, right?

Looking back at the kitchen/stairs up to the upstairs loft

I'm happy with it anyways :)

I know you're probably hoping for pictures of, you know, actually Korea, but I promise you they're coming soon. Bucheon looks cool during the day, but at night it just looks like a giant smattering of color and signs and neon and craziness, and it will blow your mind (or at least it will once I actually photograph it...) . So stay patient, dear readers, I promise I will post such pictures soon :)

- Christine -

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  1. Your apartment looks amazing!
    I am thinking about coming to visit sometime while both you and my cousin are over there.... so maybe a visit is in order!!
    Miss you!