Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pet blogging

When I started this blog seven-ish months ago, I vowed I would try to never be one of those annoying bloggers who updates you on the little mundanities of life that would be interesting to literally no one. In particular, I promised myself that I would never be a pet blogger, polluting the internet to update you (aka. my readers who stumbled upon this little blog of mine accidentally by googling “Is Yeonpyeong south of the parallel?”) daily all about the darling little things my pet (along with every other pet in the world) does every day...

And then I got a ridiculously cute little puppy. Please forgive me this one time.

For starters, Kimchi is getting huge. I understand huge is a relative term here, seeing as she’s never going to weigh more than, say, five pounds (ever). But I promise you, she’s so much bigger than she was when I first got her almost two months ago. Don’t believe me?

See? Massive. I told you so.

Kimchi has become almost infamous in my classes. (I guess it makes sense, I did name my puppy after the national food of Korea… How many American puppies do you know named “Cheeseburger”?) And as such, my kids love to taunt me to no end, “Teacher, I like to eat Kimchi with kimchi,” every class thinking they’re more original than the last. Some have drawn me pictures of themselves eating my dog, used her as an essay topic (“If I were the most powerful person in the world, I would destroy Kim Jong Il, make there be no more school, and eat Christine Teacher’s dog Kimchi”) and found every excuse to talk about Teacher’s dog instead of, say, the topic we’re supposed to be covering that day. So this weekend, instead of letting my kids eat “Kimchi with kimchi,” I let Kimchi eat kimchi. Oh snap.

She loved it. I gave her just a tiny piece and she gobbled it up. Pretty damn adorable, really. (My kids loved it too!)

In addition, Kimchi is now the proud new owner of a puppy quilt! My mother, an avid quilter, completely surprised me by sending it (along with some much needed real chocolate). It’s literally one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen! The bone-shaped pattern combined with the bright puppy-like colors and the bone-shaped quilting in the black blocks is just perfect! In short, Kimchi is completely spoiled and has the most awesome puppy grandma ever!

Taste testing, her specialty…

And she loves it! I let her play on it for a while, and although her usual favorite place in the world is my lap, she really wanted nothing more than to roll around and mutilate tennis balls on her new puppy quilt. Freaking adorable.

In summary, my puppy is awesome and hilarious... And I’m starting to twitch from so much love and blatant pet blogging… Please forgive me!

- Christine -

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