Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years

Happy New Years from the ROK!!!!!

In short, my 2010 was FANTASTIC! I graduated from college, travelled to my fourth continent, bought a puppy, conquered my fear of children, and mastered the chopsticks. I've been to the highest point in Korea, post-it noted a car, won the Miami Redhawk Hunt, and celebrated GBD to its fullest. My football team is finally good (relatively speaking...), I can read and write in Korean, I've become quite good at synchronized heal clicks, and I've grown to truly appreciate the US. I've become more independent, less high-maintenance, and have learned not to take myself too seriously. Despite a couple setbacks involving a certain tailbone fracture and a 4 month-long flu, 2010 was nothing short of awesome.

Here's to an equally successful 2011!

- Christine -


  1. Beautiful. Ps Can we go back to college. That's what your post really accomplished.