Tuesday, September 14, 2010


You know how you eat a lot of takeout right before vacation, so you don’t have all sorts of food just sitting around spoiling while you’re away? Well, next week is 추석 (Chuseok), the Korean Thanksgiving holiday, and one way or another I am getting out of Bucheon for the week. My plan as of now is to go to Jeju Island, the “Hawaii of Korea”, with my lovely friend Uzoma, but I suppose that kind of depends on my ARC coming in the next few days. This damn card has been such a hassle and is now over a week late, and as such, the immigration office and I are not really on friendly terms anymore (**shakes fists angrily).

But on to happier things, like food! Last night after work I stopped by a pizza place a block from here and picked up a pizza for dinner. Sounds like a fairly safe food choice, right?


# 1. Pizza in Korea usually has corn. Tucked slyly under the cheese so you don’t notice it hiding there at first. Kinda strange…

# 2. Pizza in Korea comes with a side of not garlic sauce, but pickles. No joke, you open the little side container expecting some garlic butter for your crust-dunking pleasure, only to find pickles. Still throws me off me every time.

# 3. Pizza in Korea comes wrapped up in a box with a little bow tied around it. It takes them longer to tie the perfect little bow than it does to make the whole pizza.

Always something silly. Bienvenido a 부천!

- Christine -


  1. pizza in Morocco had corn too!! And a lot of times tuna haha... ewww

  2. That's why I loved that China had Papa John's! Thanks GOD!! I bet there's a pizza hut or Papa Johns near you...! Have fun on your trip! Aren't all these random Asian holidays the best!?!