Thursday, September 2, 2010


I am having such a quintessentially Korean week...

#1 Monday we had cake to celebrate a person at work's last day (because we do cake for just about everything here! Have I ever mentioned I love Korea?). He gave a short going away speech, not a word of which I understood but I think he enjoyed my trying to be an engaged listener anyways. So after the speech they passed out the cake which we then proceeded to eat with chopsticks... that's right, chopsticks. You know you're in Korea when...

No, it actually worked surprisingly well. I would do it again... Heck I would do most things again if there was cake involved :)

#2 I got to experience my first typhoon this morning. For those of you non-weather-classification-experts out there (like me!), a typhoon is essentially the same thing as a hurricane, only in Asia. Awesome. This particular typhoon, Typhoon Kompasu first hit land over southeastern China yesterday morning, built up speed, and passed over Korea early this morning, the eye traveling over Seoul (and me) at the beautiful hour of 6 am. Obviously this woke me up, seeing as listening to 90+ mph winds through a giant pane of glass from an upper floor of a building at 6 am sounds like the world is just collapsing! Of course I had to watch. It was so weird, I swear it was so windy it was blowing the puddles around on the rooftop of the building next door. And one of my cabinets on the exterior wall of my apartment, which contains all my venting equipment and whatnot, kept blowing open and closed, which made it seem even more like the world was about to end. Luckily I survived and ended up getting my full 8 hours of sleep. I'm sure you were concerned...

I summary, I'm glad I've experienced a typhoon, but I'm ok with not repeating that experience. Cake on the other hand, I could go for another slice right now.

Here's to no more category 3 weather emergencies this week!

- Christine -

ps. Business card update -- (because I'm sure you're all interested)
Mary -- 1
Uzoma -- 1
Me -- 2

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