Monday, July 19, 2010

Counting Down

I finally got a solid departure date from my contact person – July 26!!! – which means I’m suddenly into the single digits of days left in the United States! I’ve been so focused for the past month on filling out paperwork for background checks and VISA applications and getting the same paper notarized literally four times, it’s a little shocking to me that I’ll be working a legit job and teaching actual Korean children in less than two weeks! It’s a really weird feeling, and I don’t exactly know what to expect. I guess real world, here I come!

But yes, I will be leaving Cleveland on the 26th at the beautiful hour of 6am and arriving in Korea at around 6pm on the 27th…. Which is sadly just 2 days after my lovely friend Alan leaves Korea… yet another reason, kids, to not procrastinate like me.

Of course I have so much left to do in the next 8 days, but I’m ready to go! Now, back to that whole packing thing…

- Christine -

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